Echoes From A Dimly Lit Studio Pt.3

Things are going slowly but are getting more and more exciting.  Take (for instance) the fact that we have a new member joining the band.  Andy Soto is a good friend of mine.  In 2008  I produced a record called Doubleplusgood for his Paris, France-based band, Utopium. In 2010 Andy came to visit Toronto again and helped out with the making of our debut full length, papermaps,  contributing some piano, insights and additional engineering. He fell in love with our city and pledged to return, for good.  Well, Andy is back!

We are still perfecting those same three songs … recording the final lead vocals and working on the textures that Andy will be adding to the mix.  You can witness the early genesis of these new textures at our Canadian Music Week showcase (Hosted by Two way Monologues and GreenShades) at Rancho Relaxo, Saturday March 23 at 11pm sharp! Andy will be joining us on stage for the very first time!!!! So please come out and help us welcome Andy to the Toronto indie music scene! Also, we will not be returning until June for NXNE…(unless something very special compels us to do otherwise).

Astute link followers will also notice that I will also be appearing solo at Shanghai Cowgirl, Thursday March 21 11:30pm as part of CMW.


Here’s the poster for the BIG SHOW
FB Event (please join):