P A P E R M A P S  –  V I D E O T A P E

Shadow Theatre (Official Music Video)

This video originally premiered on the Indie88 (88.1 FM) website.

The Hedonist (Official Music Video)

The Memory Song (Teaser Clip)

Nobody Gets It (Official Music Video)

There Are Wolves (Official Music Video)

Complicate Things (Official Music Video)

Reunion (Official Music Video)

This is the “official” video for our first single, Reunion. It’s totally homemade (or rather fan-made) except for the fun stuff we did in our rehearsal space. We asked fans to send us clips of themselves answering the question: “If you could send a message back in time to yourself at age 16, what would you say?”

As it turns out, a lot of people showed interest in the project, most people had ideas about what to say and a few people actually got up the nerve to submit a clip. Nonetheless, we took what we thought were the best clips and cobbled together this video with the help of video Editor Chris Minns and Jay Sad. Thanks to Sparks Music for letting us use their editing suite.


Can’t Make a Living on Southern Souls (LIVE in the Studio)

Forever on Southern Souls (LIVE in the Studio)

PAPERMAPS – Forever from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

You Are My Gallows Live

PAPER MAPS @ THE SILVER DOLLAR from untold city on Vimeo.

Complicate Things Live

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