Every show (past and forthcoming) since 2010…

PAPERMAPS 2018 Spring/Summer Tour Dates:
April 14, Lee’s Palace, Toronto (w/ BamBoo, THE MOOKS, The Fadeawaays, Advance Tickets: $10, Doors 9PM)

PAPERMAPS 2017 Spring/Summer Tour Dates:
February 3, Cameron House, Toronto (w/ Rue Bella, White Swan, Nathan McNevin, Hot Lips, $10, 11PM)

PAPERMAPS 2016 Spring/Summer Tour Dates:
February 11, Dundas Video, Toronto (TWMiM Presents w/ Lampshades, $5, 10PM)
June 17, Junction City Music Hall, Toronto (w/ Beams and The Nursery, $8, doors 9PM)
July 11, Dundas Video, Toronto (TWMiM Presents w/ Cincinnati OH’s Orchards, doors 9PM)
October 29, Junction City Music Hall, Toronto (w/ The Nursery, Goodnight Sunrise, $10, doors 9PM)
PAPERMAPS 2015 Fall/Winter Tour Dates:
November 5, Lee’s Palace, Toronto (TWMiM Fest Showcase w/ Ally Mode, Rickaneers, $10, 11PM)
PAPERMAPS 2015 Spring/Summer Tour Dates:
March 28, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto (w/ The Persian Rugs and Mune, $8, 10:35PM)
PAPERMAPS 2014 Fall/Winter Tour Dates:
November 13, The Painted Lady, Toronto ( w/ 5th Projekt)
PAPERMAPS 2014 Summer Tour Dates:
June 18, The Painted Lady, Toronto ON (FUNxNE w/ 5th Projekt, $5, 10PM)
August 30, The Dance Cave, Toronto ON (w/ Tin Star Orphans, $10 8:30PM sharp!)
PAPERMAPS 2014 Spring Tour Dates:
April 19, Dean plays solo at Cabin Fever Record Store, Toronto ON (Record Store Day! w/ Jadea Kelly, TBA)
April 26, Dean plays solo at Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON (details TBA)
May 7, The Velvet Underground, Toronto ON (CMW Showcase at 9PM sharp! w/ The Lost Chord and Waterbodies)
May 8, Dean plays solo at Charlie’s Gallery, Toronto ON (CMW Showcase at 8PM sharp!)
May 9, Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON (CMW Showcase at 1AM sharp!)
PAPERMAPS 2013 Fall Tour Dates:
September 28, Avante Garde Bar, Ottawa ON (w/ Danielle Knibbe, Brittanny Kwasnick and Greg McEvoy $5 doors 9PM)
September 30, Plan B, Moncton NB (details TBA, $5)
October 1, Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS (w/ This Ship and Pioneer Video, $5 doors 10PM )
October 4, Cellar Pub, Fredericton NB (w / The Kendra Gale Band)
October 7, Divan Orange, Montreal (w/ TBA, $TBA, doors 9PM)
October 11, Jimmy Jazz, Guelph ON (w/ the Ednas, $FREE$, doors 11PM)
October 12, Foxx Lounge, Barrie ON (details TBA)
October 17, Handlebar, Toronto ON (w/ Burn Baby Burn, Locomotive 8 and The Effens, $7, doors 8PM)
October 19, Leftfield Bar, NYC, NY (CMJ Music Marathon – Set Time 12AM)

PAPERMAPS 2013 Summer Tour Dates:
June 15, NXNE Music Festival @ Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON, 12am showcase
August 10, Rivoli, Toronto ON (w/ Wild Domestic and Duck Duck Goose Goose)
PAPERMAPS 2013 Spring Tour Dates:
February 7, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (w/ Alright Alright, Vistavision, Mesa Mesa)
March 2, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (closing the night for THE CHEAP SPEAKERS CD Release Party!!!!)
March 21, Canadian Music Week @ Shanghai Cowgirl, Toronto ON, 11:30pm showcase
March 23, Canadian Music Week @ Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON, 11pm showcase
PAPERMAPS 2012 Fall/Winter Tour Dates:
September 20, 3 Minot , Montreal QC (2AM set time / Dean w/ Friends / POP MONTREAL)
September 21, Park at Place Pasteur UQAM, Montreal QC (4PM Dean solo / POP MONTREAL)
September 30, Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON (10PM / Classic Line Up)
October 18, APK Live, London ON (Headlining w/ Wilderness of Manitoba and Bill Pond) CANCELLED
November 29, The Great Hall, Toronto ON (w/ Cai.ro and Graydon James)
PAPERMAPS 2012 Summer Tour Dates:
June 14, Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON  (NXNE Music Festival Showcase, 11PM)
June 15, Football Factory, Toronto ON (NXNE Music Festival Showcase, 9PM)
June 17, Of a Kind (1037 College St. W), Toronto ON (NXNE In-store performance, 7PM)
July 2, Drake Underground, Toronto ON  (Elvis Monday Residency w/ Soi Disant, FREE, 10:45PM)
July 9, Drake Underground, Toronto ON (Elvis Monday Residency w/ Jay Sad, FREE, 10:45PM)
July 22, Drake Underground, Toronto ON (Elvis Monday on Sunday Residency w/ JF Robitaille, FREE, 10:45PM)
July 26, (Dean Solo Show) Central, Toronto ON (w/ Sydney Wayser, 11:30PM)
July 29, Drake Underground, Toronto ON (Elvis Monday on Sunday Residency w/ Jenn Mierau, FREE, 10:45PM)
August 6, Drake Underground, Toronto ON (Elvis Monday Residency w/ Wendy Versus, FREE, 10:45PM)
August 11, Divan Orange, Montreal QC (w/ Philémon and Ohara)
August 16, Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS (w/ Wendy Versus and TBA)
August 17, Zaphods, Ottawa ON (w/ Wendy Versus and TBA)
August 28, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (CD RELEASE PARTY!!! w/ Little Barrie)
PAPERMAPS 2012 Spring Tour Dates:
February 23, Maxwell’s Music House, Waterloo ON (supporting Amos the Transparent)
March 8, Sala Rossa, Montreal QC (w/ Montreal’s MAK)
March 24, Hard Luck, Toronto ON (Canadian Music Week Showcase, 10pm)
March 30, Zaphod’s, Ottawa ON (“Eug-Know Fest” w/ Fire and Neon, Aardwolf – $6 – doors 8pm)
April 13, APK Live, London ON (w/ Hands and Teeth)
May 25, El Mocambo Club, Toronto ON (TWM presents – supporting Goodnight Sunrise)
PAPERMAPS 2011 Winter Tour Dates:
November 19, The Phog Lounge, Windsor ON (w/ Frontiers and Learning)
December 3, El Mocambo, Toronto (w/ Behind Sapphire, Parks & Rec, Darren Eedens) – LAST 2011 SHOW!!!
PAPERMAPS 2011 Fall Tour Dates:
September 8, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (with Topanga and Wool & Howl)
October 13, El Mocambo, Toronto ON (w/ The Tudors, Garage Baby)
October 19, Arlenes Grocery, New York, NY (CMJ Showcase)
October 21, The Music Room, Halifax NS (w/ Paper Beat Scissors)
October 22, Grand Parade Square, Halifax NS
(Free HXP 2011 show w/ STARS, Plants and Animals, and Carmen Townsend!!!)
October 29, Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON
(Dan W’s Birthday Party and a Homecoming for us! w/ Love Machine)
PAPERMAPS 2011 Summer Tour Dates:
May 31, Horseshoe Tavern (Nu Music Nite — 10PM, Free)
June 12, Toronto Indie Bloggers Brunch (private event)
June 18, Rivoli (NXNE, 12AM, $10 cover or Tickets/Wristbands available through NXNE)
June 25, Corktown Pub, Hamilton (we are the special guest headliner at the Hamilton Music and Film Festival)
July 9, The Phog, Windsor — CANCELLED –
July 12, Frankenstein’s, Guelph, (Spillside Fest with From East to Exit)
July 30, Underground Cinema, Toronto (Day 2 of Out of the Box Music and Arts Festival)
PAPERMAPS 2011 Spring Tour Dates:
February 4, El Mocambo, Toronto ON (w/ Box Tiger, Taylor Knox, Mintz-Darby Kickdrum, $5 12AM)
January 20, El Mocambo, Toronto ON (w/ Rival Boys, Tin Star Orphans, $6)
March 12, Tranzac, Toronto (w/ Silent Five and Shawn Clarke)
April 15, Zaphod’s, Ottawa (w/The Love Machine)
April 20, Maxwell’s, Waterloo (w/ From East to Exit)
April 22, Jimmy Jazz, Guelph (w/ From East to Exit)
April 23, The Phog, Windsor (cancelled due to illness)
April 26, The Mansion, St. Catharines (w/ Citizen and The Bends)
April 29, Sneaky Dees, Toronto (w/ Cheap Speakers and Ketch Harbour Wolves)
April 30, APK Live, London (TBA)
PAPERMAPS 2010 Fall/Winter Tour Dates
October 2, Silver Dollar , Toronto ON (w/ Arrington De Dionyso, $8)
October 22, Academy of Sciences, Toronto ON (Secret Show)
November 9, El Mocambo, Toronto ON (w/ Will Currie and the Country French, $7)
November 25, Rancho Relaxo, Toronto ON (w/ Azores and Mooseblood, $5, 11PM)