Some New Songs On The Way

Four months is a really long time to go without playing a live show. It’s the sort of length of time that tends to raise existential issues in a band…but we’ve never actually stopped working. Here’s a visual representation of a new song we’ll be debuting at our upcoming show (#85) at the Gladstone Hotel, Saturday March 28 (set time 10:35/ $8 Cover with The Persian Rugs and Mune). I hope to see some of you there!

“Awake,” a new song we will be debuting Saturday, March 28 at the Gladstone Hotel (Toronto). #Newsong #Liveshow #LYRICS

A photo posted by Dean of PAPERMAPS (@papermapsmusic) on Mar 12, 2015 at 2:03pm PDT

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First Show of 2015!

Hello. It’s been a while. We’ve been total shut-ins, yes. So what’s happening then? Well, we’re still working on new material and some of it is ready to test. As an experiment, we’ll be playing the Gladstone Hotel here in Toronto on March 28 with the excellent Mune and Persian Rugs. Doors at 9pm and $8 to get in.

Facebook event (join it):


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The Big Sleep & Dean’s Year End List

It’s that time again as the year winds down to its end.  2014, with only 7 live appearances, can be seen as, “the year we took a break.” Yes, we took it slow as newest member/collaborator, Andy Soto returned to Paris, France and long-time member Bobby Lee departed while I concentrated on my new full-time day job: Fatherhood. I should also mention that we canned our annual East Coast tour in Autumn of 2014 (with my apologies to the CMJ Music Marathon and TWM/iM Fest). Meanwhile, Betty Dimo and myself kept it alive as a three-piece by enlisting drummer extraordinaire, Johnny Rowe and by continuing to write and rehearse new material. More on that later…

…anyway. As always, here is the list (5th annual!) of albums I purchased on vinyl with the 2014 time-stamp:

Alvvays: Alvvays
The War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream
Swans: To be Kind

And as always, this list does not include the older and records and reissues I purchased in 2014!

In a lot of ways it was an encouraging year especially when a band like Swans can still release relevant and mind blowing records and a band like The War on Drugs can climb to the pinnacle of musical success in this modern landscape (read: sad future).

Expect to hear new music from us in 2015. We have been working on it. In fact, we have booked the studio and will be recording (demoing) 4 or 5 new songs this coming Monday. You won’t hear these demos. Maybe as bonus tracks sometime in the far future. The only way to hear these new songs right now is to come out to future shows. I’ll be sure to post some pictures here and on our instagram.

Happy Holidays!

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Appearing Live at the Painted Lady (Toronto) Nov 13


2ND THURSDAYS Psych Rock Revue Presents:
PAPERMAPS with 5th Projekt and special guests
The Painted Lady
218 Ossington Ave. Toronto ON
Set time: 10:20 PM
Cover: $5
Curated and hosted by our friends 5th Projekt, who are on after us!

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We have an Insta…

or rather … dean has an instagram here:

he shares stuff like this (and very short snippets of demos):


The view from Thursday’s cafe.

View on Instagram

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Tonight at the Dance Cave

It’s time to send out that email newsletter query – you know the one: “Do you want to stay on and receive news about PAPERMAPS?” We’ll be doing that soon…so heads up…meanwhile…we’ll be at the Dance Cave tonight (529 Bloor St. West, Toronto / above Lees Palace) playing live at 8:30PM in support of Tin Star Orphan’s double vinyl release…lot’s of instagraming to follow.


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NEW Single Release and Instagram

The estimated release date for this new “detour mix” of I’ve Closed A Door is June 18 but you can stream it now:
In other news we have an instagram account (with somewhat opaque and interior photos now depicting the very beginnings of the creative process):


ps. don’t miss our show, Wed June 18 at the Painted Lady, Toronto. It has NOTHING to do with NXNE.

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June in Toronto

June is a big part of festival season here in Toronto. There are two major “rock music” festivals held here: CMW and NxNE.  Being a good little local indie rock act, I applied to both festivals and was pleased to learn that we were accepted to both for a third year in a row. For reasons outlined in THIS ARTICLE we were ousted from the NxNE lineup this year (or rather, given a rather uncouth ultimatum). Even though one festival is regarded by some of my more “hip” friends as somehow being “more cool” than the other, in the interest of my own mental health I opted to play the festival that spat less bile at me.  To be honest, I don’t give a single fuck about what festival is “cool,” or “hip” or whatever – I care more about how I’m treated as an artist and a human being.  For the record, I really don’t favour one festival over the other.  The two festivals are about 34 days apart and so, being a good little local indie rock act, I always knew that we would be playing a show in June here in Toronto one way or the other. So here it is:
We will be appearing in support of our good friends, 5th Projekt on Wednesday, June 18 at The Painted Lady (218 Ossington Ave, just South of Dundas W). Our set time is 9:45PM. The cover is a nominal $5. The show is being called FUNxNE, and that’s pronounced “Fun by North East.”

Here’s the FB Event (please join):

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The Completionist’s Bundle Now Available !!!

Hi All,

What better way to welcome a new phase in the creative output of a band than to package their entire output into one nifty bundle? Well, that’s exactly what were doing!!! [But who are we kidding - every release has been a "new phase," hasn't it!?!]

Just in time for MAY: The Papermaps Completionist’s Bundle (circa 2014)!


more photos on bandcamp

In each of these rare bundles (I only had enough material to assemble 7)  you will get:

A signed copy of the latest Papermaps Album, Darker Lights (2013) on CD [includes a lyric booklet]
A signed copy of Inferior Ghost (2012) on 12-inch vinyl [no download code]
A signed copy of the debut Eponymous Album (2011) on CD
A numbered and signed copy of “Reunion/Banana Rep.” on 7-inch vinyl
FIVE 11×17-inch tour  posters that you can hang on your bedroom/jamspace/garage wall ranging in age from 2011 to 2014!
Immediate online access to Darker Lights if you order from bandcamp (just because)

All this for $50 plus shipping! [HERE's THE LiNK To BuY]

I will be taking a few of these packages with me to our recent string of Toronto (CMW) shows…these won’t be signed (unless you ask me to) and I’ll be selling them for $40.00.

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Many, Many Hometown Shows in the Coming Weeks

We have many Toronto shows in the next 3 weeks. Here are all the details:

Saturday April 19 (Tomorrow)  -I’m playing a solo show at Cabin Fever Collective (1669 Bloor St W) for Record Store Day. 6PM Free Admission

Saturday April 26 – I’m playing solo again at Rancho Relaxo (300 College St.) 9:45PM $7

Wednesday May 7 -The Velvet Underground (510 Queen St W) 9PM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

Thursday May 8 – Solo show at Charlie’s Gallery (112 Harbord St) 8PM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

Friday May 9 – Ranch Relaxo (300 College St.)  1AM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

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