NEW Single Release and Instagram

The estimated release date for this new “detour mix” of I’ve Closed A Door is June 18 but you can stream it now:
In other news we have an instagram account (with somewhat opaque and interior photos now depicting the very beginnings of the creative process):


ps. don’t miss our show, Wed June 18 at the Painted Lady, Toronto. It has NOTHING to do with NXNE.

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June in Toronto

June is a big part of festival season here in Toronto. There are two major “rock music” festivals held here: CMW and NxNE.  Being a good little local indie rock act, I applied to both festivals and was pleased to learn that we were accepted to both for a third year in a row. For reasons outlined in THIS ARTICLE we were ousted from the NxNE lineup this year (or rather, given a rather uncouth ultimatum). Even though one festival is regarded by some of my more “hip” friends as somehow being “more cool” than the other, in the interest of my own mental health I opted to play the festival that spat less bile at me.  To be honest, I don’t give a single fuck about what festival is “cool,” or “hip” or whatever – I care more about how I’m treated as an artist and a human being.  For the record, I really don’t favour one festival over the other.  The two festivals are about 34 days apart and so, being a good little local indie rock act, I always knew that we would be playing a show in June here in Toronto one way or the other. So here it is:
We will be appearing in support of our good friends, 5th Projekt on Wednesday, June 18 at The Painted Lady (218 Ossington Ave, just South of Dundas W). Our set time is 9:45PM. The cover is a nominal $5. The show is being called FUNxNE, and that’s pronounced “Fun by North East.”

Here’s the FB Event (please join):

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The Completionist’s Bundle Now Available !!!

Hi All,

What better way to welcome a new phase in the creative output of a band than to package their entire output into one nifty bundle? Well, that’s exactly what were doing!!! [But who are we kidding - every release has been a "new phase," hasn't it!?!]

Just in time for MAY: The Papermaps Completionist’s Bundle (circa 2014)!


more photos on bandcamp

In each of these rare bundles (I only had enough material to assemble 7)  you will get:

A signed copy of the latest Papermaps Album, Darker Lights (2013) on CD [includes a lyric booklet]
A signed copy of Inferior Ghost (2012) on 12-inch vinyl [no download code]
A signed copy of the debut Eponymous Album (2011) on CD
A numbered and signed copy of “Reunion/Banana Rep.” on 7-inch vinyl
FIVE 11×17-inch tour  posters that you can hang on your bedroom/jamspace/garage wall ranging in age from 2011 to 2014!
Immediate online access to Darker Lights if you order from bandcamp (just because)

All this for $50 plus shipping! [HERE's THE LiNK To BuY]

I will be taking a few of these packages with me to our recent string of Toronto (CMW) shows…these won’t be signed (unless you ask me to) and I’ll be selling them for $40.00.

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Many, Many Hometown Shows in the Coming Weeks

We have many Toronto shows in the next 3 weeks. Here are all the details:

Saturday April 19 (Tomorrow)  -I’m playing a solo show at Cabin Fever Collective (1669 Bloor St W) for Record Store Day. 6PM Free Admission

Saturday April 26 – I’m playing solo again at Rancho Relaxo (300 College St.) 9:45PM $7

Wednesday May 7 -The Velvet Underground (510 Queen St W) 9PM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

Thursday May 8 – Solo show at Charlie’s Gallery (112 Harbord St) 8PM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

Friday May 9 – Ranch Relaxo (300 College St.)  1AM $10 or free w/ wristbands/passes

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Coming out of Hibernation in April/May

Hello, Dean here.

It’s been a while since I’ve played a live show. Not since November of 2013(!), so I’m glad to announce three live Toronto appearances in the coming weeks. Two solo shows by yours truly:  Saturday, April 19, 6PM at the excellent Cabin Fever Collective cafe and record store (1669 Bloor St. West) and Saturday April 26, 9PM at the venerable Rancho Relaxo (300 College St.). PAPERMAPS (full band) will be playing this years’ Canadian Music Week at the Velvet Underground (508 Queen St. West) on Wdnesday, May 7, 9PM (sharp!). Also on the CMW showcase bill are The Lost Chord and Waterbodies.



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Just Released as a Single Today!


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About Shadow Theatre (The Music Video)

Time to share, share, share our latest video directly.  So here it is.
Directed by Daniel Ehrenworth, here is a hidden narrative woven into juxtaposed scenes comprised of found footage, symbolic objects and meticulously constructed scenes involving two actresses interspersed with circuit-bent VHS footage of the lead vocalist (i.e. me). Enjoy mentally dissecting this!
Kudos to Timur Musabay for his analogue circuit bending skills.

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The Premier of Shadow Theatre Music Video

Hi All,

Our latest music video, Shadow Theatre is up on the Indie88 website today.  Please have a look!

“The video marks the directorial debut of photographer Daniel Ehrenworth. Through distorted lenses, decomposing videotape, and discarded old film, he tells an interwoven story of past lives, performing birds, and a naked lady bound to a staircase.”

We’re very excited!



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The Results Are In…

So here we are performing our song, The Hedonist for later broadcast on Sirius XM, The Verge and Iceberg. We posted photos of this session a few months back. We actually recorded 5 selections from Darker Lights that day – so we have a bonus EP on our hands! The next question is, what do we do with it?

In other Papermaps news…

Our next single, Shadow Theatre will drop on February 24th and a new music video is soon to appear. Stay tuned!!

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Happy Holidays – Dean’s Year End List

My answer to a question in a recent online interview pretty much sums up what we’re up to right now:

We released a new full length album called Darker Lights, completed an East Coast tour, played CMJ music festival and released a video for our latest single, “The Hedonist.” Now that it’s Winter we’re taking a break from playing live and concentrating on more ethereal means of promotion – like more videos and interviews like this! I think the live shows will start up in earnest again in Spring of 2014 after the album’s been out there and germinating for a bit. That’s the great thing about music it lives in the æther and there are so many ways of discovering it beyond going to live shows. Going to live shows is still the best, but going to your favourite record store, reading zines or even randomly surfing places like youtube, bandcamp or rdio are great ways to find new music.


In other news:

Darker Lights is admittedly our least radio-friendly album to date and so we are especially appreciative of all the radio support we received this past year.

Listen for our our song “Poor City” on CBC Radio 3.  Those musical early-adopters found the very deep cut  (track 8 on Darker Lights) and liked it enough to add it to rotation without any push from our record label or anything.  What does it mean?  CBC Radio 3 is curated by folks who actually listen to entire albums, that’s what!  That’s refreshing news to me.  All in all I would like to send out a special thank you to our supporters at CBC Radio3.  ”The Hedonist,” charted in their top 30 chart (The R3-30, determined by listener votes) for 8 consecutive weeks.  Darker Lights was nominated for a prestigious Bucky Award for best artwork (D. Kleiser) and “The Hedonist” was named #19 of the top 103 songs of 2013.

You can listen to CBC Radio3 throughout North America on Sirius XM radio (ch. 162) and anywhere on the world online.  Meanwhile, we’ll be working on a new music video for our next single (which is not “Poor City”,” BTW).

We would also like to thank all our  friends and supporters at Canadian Campus Radio (nation-wide) especially CJAM, CIUT, CRFE, CKDU,  CHMR, CIOI, CFOU, CIVL, CFMH, CFMU, CAPR, CHSR, CILU, Radio Laurier, CFBX, CFCR, CFMH, CJUM, our friends and supporters at Sirius XM radio, The Verge and ICEBERG radio and all the independently-minded FM stations across this country who gave us a feature or a spin (especially Indie88, Live 88.5, The Wolf Regina, The Wolf Nanaimo, CIFM , and Rock95)  - enough to keep us in the charts for many weeks. I’m sure we’ve missed a bunch of supporters but we thank you all the same!

Extra year-end kudos to Cara and Ashley at With A Bullet, Jonas and Maude at Edvinsson and all at Sparks and Universal Music Canada.

We would also like to send a big shout out to David Kleiser (album art design) and Kerry Shaw (band photos and videos) for their help on the visual end of things.


And now for the 4th annual Year End List. These are vinyl albums I purchased that were released in 2013.  For several reasons (not all of them musical) 2013 was a relatively slow record-buying year for me. I think I purchased more used classic vinyl and online/digital music in 2013 (which I don’t include on this list). Hopefully, 2014 will prove a better year.  Anyway, here it is (in no particular order):

Silence Yourself – Savages
Trouble Will Find Me – The National
m.b.v. – My Bloody Valentine
Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO – The Besnard Lakes

I can’t believe I haven’t grabbed Fade Out by Dog Day! I need to grab that one before 2013 ends!!!

Happy Holidays!

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